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radix Tissue Level Implant

Well suited for hybrid prosthetics

radix Bone Level Implant

Usability in complex aesthetic cases is well predictable.

radix instrument set

Optimum cutting performance, low vibration, excellent durability, outstanding precision


Implantate & Zubehör

The new radix Implant System Hexagon

Benefit from the latest in dental implant research and practice:

We combine the best of the world‘s leading implant systems. You will receive excellent quality with easy handling at exceptionally attractive prices. The radix Hexagon Implant System covers a wide range of applications and allows you to make high-quality implants accessible to a larger clientele of patients.

Selection and application are optimally matched to the requirements in dental practice.

We develop and manufacture our implants from first-class materials exclusively in Germany in order to meet the highest quality standards. Our value creation chain combines innovative design with state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing processes.

radix stands for transparency, good advice and quality. Made in Germany.

radix – Deutsche Qualität in seiner besten Form

radix – German quality in his best shape